12 January 2012

Pocky Mouse, Green Tea, Chocolate, Mango – Glico [By @NLi10]

Happy New Year - Happy New Pocky!

I've had these sitting in my work drawer for a while and thought they'd be perfect for a quick review.

Pocky Mouse is essentially a thicker layer of Pocky coating on the same stick, meaning these are closer to the Meiji Lucky Stick that I reviewed earlier. This gives you a squishier experience and changes the taste levels too. Each box has two individually wrapped packs of 6 bars, similar to other Japanese produced Pocky.

The chocolate one is very much your basic Pocky but in a deluxe box and coating style. If you've had a regular Pocky then this is pretty much the same thing, but chewier. The flavours are nice though and it's very compulsive and tempts you to finish the packets in a single sitting.

The Green Tea one is something I've sought for a while but the flavour is pretty unusual. This tastes like the green tea at the end of the pot when the flavour is at its most intense. As there is some actual green tea in the recipe the coating is a little pastier than usual and changes the experience up a little. Non-Pocky eating people were a little freaked out by this one, but those of us who like both parts were suitably impressed after that first odd bite. I'd like a Jasmine tea one now please Glico!

Oddest of them all was the Mango Pocky. Far from being unappetising or having a bad flavour this is one of the fruitiest and most appealing Pocky I've had - it just appears to taste of lychee instead of mango! I was given some lychee flake Pocky for Christmas which contains actual physical pieces of dried lychee on it and they taste startlingly similar! Not a complaint due to the fact that the little eye-ball imitating fruit is one of my favourites (especially in curry - yum!) but somewhat unexpected. I shall take the Lychee flake Pocky to work and compare the two (if I must... :D ).
By NLi10

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