29 January 2012

Pokka Blueberry Tea (KK Mart - Bromsgrove) [by @NLi10]

A while ago I drank quite a lot of the Pokka lemon tea and decided to write it up for here. Essentially it's a bottled tea but made with actual brewed tea instead of tea flavours being added. This is similar but with Blueberries added instead of lemons!

I bought this a while back but saved it for when I thought I'd need a nice drink and took it to an all day gaming tournament in Birmingham, UK for Magic: The Gathering.

The tea flavour wasn't quite intense enough for me, but the blueberries ended up giving it quite a nicely interesting aftertaste. It was very drinkable, refreshing and perked me up a bit too. I think that while I prefer the original lemon variety I'll end up buying this again, it's more exciting than the typical fruit cordials we get as 'still' drinks here in the UK. It's just unfortunate that only Spar and speciality retailers like KK Mart & Yum Yum seem to stock them. Us Brits need to be more adventurous!!
By NLi10


Anonymous said...

Is it sweetened?

NLi10 said...

The ingredients list a couple of kinds of sugar, so yes - I'd say it's sweetened. It's no where near the sweet teas like the Lo Kang(?) tea-in-a-can though, but not like the low tasting greens and jasmines.