16 January 2012

Pom Bear Pizza (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

I have to be honest, as a kid Pom Bear skipped me by. I can’t actually remember every having tried them before. I know this is shocking, and I’ve certainly seen them in the shops many times, but they have never made it into my basket before now. The thing that encouraged me on this occasion was the exciting word ‘new’ on the bag, and I felt that this seemed like a good place to start with the brand.
I poured some onto my plate at lunch time and have to be honest, smiled at the sweet shape of these crisps, because they do look like smiling bears. They seemed be made of an aerated potato base, that made them look quite light and a little bit like Quavers.
I bit into one and was impressed by the texture. It was very light, but also pleasantly crisp and crunchy. The flavour was more complex than expected and had tomato, cheese and a nice hint of Italian herbs such as Oregano. The taste is fairly mild, but certainly had the major ingredients for recreating a pizza taste. The lightness of the crisps makes them very easy munching, I thoroughly enjoyed the bag. I know they appeal to children because they are rather cute, but as an adult I can’t resist the fact that they are less than 100 calories a bag too!
There was something very refreshing about trying a new brand of crisps, and I will be looking out for the other flavours in the range. A little birdie tells me that there are more new varieties on the way too – so keep your eye out for Smoky Bacon and Prawn Cocktail coming very soon.
By Cinabar

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S.Emerald said...

They look so good and the fact that they're less then 100 cal really makes me want to try them!