11 February 2014

Thomas Tucker Popcorn - Coconut Toffee (VUE Cinema) [By @cinabar]

It is no secret that I am a bit of popcorn fan, and I do like to try lots of different flavours. I’ll be honest, I usually settle on sweet and salty as my favourite, but can’t resist buying the more interesting varieties to try. VUE Cinemas are currently trying out some gourmet varieties and asked if I wanted to give them a bit of a taste test, obviously I jumped at the chance.
The Coconut Toffee sounded the most appealing, although they did send a bag of Sweet and Salty too - but I decided to open the more intriguing flavour first.
Now to be totally honest I wasn't much in a snacking mood when I opened the bag. I thought to myself I’ll just try a few to see what they are like and put the rest away in an air tight container for later in the week. When they were poured out I could see that they were something special, each piece of popcorn was enrobed in a golden coating that made them look almost uniformly spherical. I gave the first one a try, and it was one of the nicest pieces of popcorn I’ve ever eaten. The coating provided a lovely light crunch, but melted away pleasingly after the initial bite. The flavour was really something, it starts with a lovely sweet brown sugar and toffee flavour, and then mellows into the creamiest coconut flavour, all with the underlying popcorn taste still mingling through. Obviously I had another piece to try, then another and another, and the services of the Tupperware container soon became obsolete. You know how sometimes in a bag of popcorn you get the occasional piece that has loads of coating and is the best thing ever? Well every piece in the bag was like that!
Now here is the weird thing, the popcorn is made by Thomas Tucker, a company who have been making popcorn for 25 years (according to the back of the pack). I’ve never heard of them, I can’t find a Twitter account, or Facebook page or website, or any supermarkets stocking them. This is a huge shame, because their popcorn is out of this world! I have to say a big thumbs up to VUE Cinemas for finding some seriously good quality gourmet popcorn and supporting such a fantastic brand! I can’t wait to try more of their flavours!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in this flavour popcorn, which vue cinema is it? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have never eaten such delicious popcorn , absolutely beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Diet gone!!! Just eaten my way through half a pack of toffee and coconut (after my diet dinner). Where do I get more ?

Unknown said...

I bought a bag at aldi last week for 85p
Its amazing