10 December 2014

Granny Goose Tortillos Barbecue Flavoured Corn Snacks (Pinoy Foods) [By @SpectreUK]

The Philippines are having a rough time of it at the moment with their latest tropical storm, so I thought I'd do a blog about one of their favourite snack foods. It stated on the bag that these Granny Goose Tortillos Barbecue Flavored Corn Snacks are made from the "finest ingredients", but one could be mistaken that some of them had been grown in a laboratory. Not a good start to the blog I know, but I'm a big fan of natural ingredients so looking at the back of the bag had been my first mistake. Hopefully there would be no others. Although it did state; "Outrageously crispy, perfectly spicy and totally smokey", which encouraged me a little. So I flipped back to the front of the bag and noticed the rather nice picture of well rounded Tortillos. They say being able to draw a perfect circle is a sign of madness... Well, never mind. It did state that these Tortillos were "rolled extra thin for extra flavor" and extra crispness I presumed, as I desperately tried to ignore the missing "u" in the word "flavour"!

On eventually opening the rather tough bag with the aid of my snack-worn teeth rather than my pathetic grip since my recent shoulder operation, I noted the delicious sweet and smokey barbeque smell from the not so rounded Tortillos. Excellent start, not only had I found out from opening the bag that Granny Goose wasn't "crackers" from perfect round Tortillos making, but she could produce a barbeque smell that made me want to stop writing and start eating. Pouring the huge bag out into a bowl seemed a good start. These Tortillos were indeed crispy crunchy and moreish. Once I'd started eating them it was difficult to stop and get back to my lunchtime sandwich. They had a sweet barbeque spice and a light smokiness that made my mouth water, whereas some Tortillos can dry my mouth out. They didn't taste like they had been grown in a test tube either, they had a healthy feeling crunchiness that made me forget the ingredients as I munched away. I reckon these Tortillos would be the perfect accompaniment infront of a good movie with a light beer or two or three...

Information on the packet;
100g bag. Manufactured by Universal Robina Corporation, Philippines. Ingredients are fortified with iron and included; corn vegetable oil, yeast extract, spices, silicon dioxide, caramel, sugar, iodised salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein, tricalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, monosodium glutamate, and ferrous sulcate.
By Spectre

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