23 December 2014

Hot Chocolate Bombs (@ThorntonsChocs) [By @Cinabar]

I was in Thorntons primarily looking for stocking fillers for Christmas when I spotted this interesting looking box of hot chocolates, which I picked up just as a bit of a treat. The packaging is quite different for Thorntons, it is an interesting shape as it is elongated and it is black and very modern looking. Generally Thorntons markets itself using its classical designs, so these looked something a bit different.
When I got home and opened the box I was again impressed as the so called bombs looked like dark gem stones made of chocolate lined up in pairs. I followed the instructions on the box and zapped a mug of milk in the microwave until it was hot, but not boiled. I then added two of the chocolates to the milk and stirred. Initially it felt like they would struggle to dissolve, but with a bit of an encouraging stir they melted down quite nicely.
The drink looked surprisingly dark, although there did seem to be a concentrate of chocolate on the surface. I was very impressed by the flavour, there was quite a lot for a start, I do hate overly milky and dull got chocolates. This one was rich, had lots of cocoa and lovely soft sweetness from a hint caramel. It wasn’t' too sweet, in fact it was aimed at a more mature palette, but had just enough to ensure the drink hit the right soothing notes.
I'm definitely going back to Thorntons for more of these. They would make a lovely stocking filler if you can bear to give them away, but mostly I'm going for some more just for me. ;-)
By Cinabar

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