28 December 2014

Bear Alpha bites Cocoa Cereal [by @NLi10]

It's Christmas morning and as I'd been to Waitrose a few days before I'd got a new special cereal that I hadn't tried yet. I decided that it would be a nice treat to have my first bowl on Christmas morning.

As you can see Bear are masters of the interesting packaging. The box has lots of fun graphics and games to do while eating. 

I asume these change over time so as to make breakfast continue to be exciting.

The letters are similarly fun - I started to spell Bear Christmas but got hungry so gave up and ate them. The problem with letter based foods like soup is that once you are eating them they are too sloppy to spell with.  The texture is as you'd expect, and the flavour is only lightly chocolaty so you wouldn't feel bad having these every day.

While I like a little less homogeneity to my cereal and these mixed with something may tickle my taste buds more I certainly will enjoy the rest of the box.

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