15 December 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman [by @NLi10] @CadburyUK

I was a bit ill yesterday and didn't have a review saved up so Cinabar filled in my usual Sunday slot - thanks to her!

As it's getting to be almost time to start thinking about Christmas I thought I'd join in with the festivities.  I've had these two for ages, possibly even since September.

The Co-Op had them on special offer and so I picked them up with the intention of saving them until it was at least December. With Christmas 10 days away it's safe to say that we can eat these now.  

Cadbury do a few chilled chocolate deserts that I've eaten over the years, including some nice chocolate mousse. What it appears to me is that someone figured you could fill creme egg style things with them, and now seasonal shapes. The choice of a snowman is a good one, but his odd hat does make him look a bit phalic.

His carrot nose is a bit Picasso too. And he is filled with white chocolate mousse.

The only noticeable difference between the two is the sweetness of the filling. As you'd expect the darker one is more typically Cadbury. They aren't really distinct enough to review separately though.

They are fairly expensive - I got both for a pound, but I think they are 70p each - which to me makes them a luxury choc and not an impulse buy. I could get a King Size Twix for that! The target market must be children excited by being finally allowed to put their tree up on Christmas Eve and people you forgot to buy presents for. As a yummy stocking filler it hits the spot, but I see no reason to find a way to keep these around all year.

Unlike the creme egg these will. It define the season they are released in, but are a welcome addition.

Note: Autocorrect prefers chocolate mouse, and chocolate moose so maybe this is where they went wrong!

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