6 December 2014

Swordfish (@Wadworth Ocado) [By @SpectreUK]

To commemorate one hundred years of naval aviation Wadworth have brought out Swordfish, which is a blend of Wadworth beer and rum. Wadworth & Co. were established in 1875, in Wiltshire. The rum Wadworth uses is the original admiralty rum called Pusser's Rum otherwise known as Nelson's blood, in honour of Horatio Nelson, who features heavily in the Naval Museum in Portmouth, called Portsmouth Historical Dockyard. If you're near there at some point I'd recommend you give it a go. There are plenty of fascinating museum buildings, as well as Nelson's flagship; The Victory, also the huge and stunning HMS Warrior, and what's left of the Mary Rose.

Anyway, I digress... This grog-style brew (without the lemon or lime juice) was named Swordfish in honour of the brave naval airmen who flew the Fairey Swordfish, which was a torpedo bomber biplane used by the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Nicknamed the "Stringbag", the Fairey Swordfish was designed by the Fairey Aviation Company and W.S. Hunt. Navy Rum has always been my favourite tipple, so I was looking forward to opening this 500ml bottle at 5% volume. There was a rich rum smell on opening and good frothy head formed on pouring the beer-rum into my eagerly waiting beer mug. The beer had a smooth creaminess that softly slipped around my mouth like the fuel in a well oiled aeroplane engine. There was then a punch of bitterness from hops and a light malted barley flavour, which fired into a rich warming spirit rum taste as the torpedo hit the target. Then the creaminess returned mixed with the rum and hoppy bitterness which skipped almost daintily like a bucking biplane on fluffy clouds as it traversed into the aftertaste. Once there the creaminess and the rummy beery bitterness kept washing around my mouth whispering gently, "shouldn't you be having another sip, Sir?" So I did…
By Spectre

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