19 December 2014

Xmas Pud Yoghurt - The Collective Dairy (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

I have tried quite a few of The Collective Dairy gourmet yoghurts, and enjoyed all of them, they always have really interesting flavours. I was quite surprised to see they had released a limited edition christmas variety, mainly because most yoghurt companies tend not too! This one is Xmas Pud flavour too, which sounded rather lovely.
When I took the lid off I found the usual plastic spoon, making them perfect to take to work. You can never find cutlery in our work kitchen, so this is rather handy.
I peeled back the lid and there was a thin syrupy topping which was brown and smelt like cinnamon and spices. This appeared to be on the surface and underneath the generous layer of thick creamy yoghurt. The flavoured layers were quite thin, which meant when you took a spoon of yoghurt they mixed in quite easily and ran.
The flavour was lovely, there was bits of raisin and fruit, and the warmth of mixed spices too, it tasted very seasonal. I liked the hint of orange peel, and it did taste like christmas pudding albeit with any hit of rum! There was enough citrus bite to contrast the creamy flavour of the yoghurt, and they complemented each other well. It was naughty but nice treat, and the sort of thing that packs into my work lunch box rather well, bringing a smile to my lunch times this time of year.
By Cinabar

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