11 December 2014

Marine Boy [review by @NLi10]

Ah - the snack-log. The large pile of unconvincing things that I've never gotten around to reviewing that March onwards towards their best before date.  Today's offering to the gods of suspicious foods is Marine Boy. I totally bought this because of the cool box, and then thought about how I'm not really a fan of fish.

I'd hoped they were seaweed cracker style things but a quick read of the Polish writing suggested that they were very fishy indeed. So I put them in a draw for a year or so.

I'd long ago opened the box and found the cool battleships game to play. The packaging certainly doesn't disappoint.  Today I was feeling adventurous, and realised that there was only a month left on the BBE so I ripped them open. 

They are quite inflated and very reminiscent of crisps that I liked as a child that are no doubt now banned in the UK due to the fat content per gram.  They were lovely and crunchy too - and the texture was quite nice.  The flavour was as suspected very fishy indeed. I'd go as far to say that it's practically scampi crisps.

It's not an artificial fishy flavour either. Those that aren't fans of the fish market didn't like them at all, those that love that kind of things ate them by the handful.

My love of the crisps only let me get about 8 into the bag before I gave up and donated them to those that loved the idea.

Not a surprising result, but actually a well made snack that is no doubt really popular somewhere on the globe.

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