13 December 2014

Jennings Red Breast (Aldi) [By @SpectreUK]

I guess it's officially winter time once you see your first Robin Redbreast, however I only saw my first one a couple of days ago when I was feeding the birds. Either I have been hiding inside from the cold or the Robins have been hiding from me. There is an image of a jolly looking Robin Red Breast on the front of the bottle of this Redbreast beer from Jennings Brewery. He looks pretty warm dressed in his hat and scarf. I suspect he's had a drink or two to fight off the chill too. On the back of the bottle it states that Robins have always been associated with Christmas cards because postmen used to wear red jackets and were nicknamed Robin Redbreasts.

Described as a "A dark chestnut winter beer", this beer was brewed with pale ale malt and hopped with Fuggles and Goldings. On opening the bottle there was a heavy malty fruity smell to this dark lightly fizzed beer. I could well understand why they mentioned fruit cake in the aroma on the label. This was a bitter beer from start to finish. If you like your beer tasty and strong without pulling its punches, then this dark beer is perfect for you. The sheer bitterness warmed me from the winter chills remeniscent of stamping feet on my tastebuds like so many people stood on a cold winter's train station platform waiting to return home from their Christmas shopping. The fruitiness adds body and flavour without soothing, mind you, but adding to the bite just reminding me that this is not just a cold snap; it's winter, it's Christmas, so drink merry and have a good weekend!

Information on the bottle;
500ml bottle at 4.5% volume. Brewed by Jennings Brewery, in Cumbria, which was established in 1828.
By Spectre

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