9 December 2014

Image On Food - Gingerbread (@Imageonfood) [By @Cinabar]

Image On Food specialise in gingerbread, and very kindly me sent me a couple of their christmas goodies to write about. I have to say I was rather impressed by their packaging, the gingerbread comes in a protective box all wrapped up with pretty red bow. Each item of gingerbread is hand decorated, and absolutely stunning.

We and the gingerbread man and a christmas elf, and both looked fabulous. The gingerbread base has a lovely texture to it, there is a crunch, but it isn’t overly hard gingerbread and there is a slight give and softness in the centre. The taste has a good balance of sweetness and ginger, with enough spice to be warm without being hot.
The icing flavour was nice too, it was more noticeable on the elf as there was more of it, and it was pleasingly thick and sweet. I have to admit I felt kind of guilty breaking parts of the gingerbread men and elf off to eat, but not gulty enough to stop me!! :-D

We have a competition running to win a beautiful gingerbread hamper from Image On Food, click here to enter (but get your entries in quickly): http://www.foodstufffinds.co.uk/2014/11/competition-imageonfood-christmas.html

The Image On Food website can be found here, there are all sorts of gingerbread goodies, and they even do personalised items too, if you are looking for an extra special gift: http://www.imageonfood.co.uk
By Cinabar

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