4 December 2014

National Space Centre Strawberry Chocolate [by @NLi10]

We went to the National a Space Centre last weekend in Leicester, and it was really good!

Not only were there the usual space themed exhibits and simulators but it was also a 'steam punk' weekend so there were lots of people dressed up in uniforms and vaguely Victorian things. They seemed to be having fun

At the cafe till there were some flavoured chocolate bars - branded to match the museum.  Naturally I chose the strawberry.

You may spot the bottom of a large rocket at the bottom, it's also just let off steam (well - dry ice) covering all the children cowering underneath. Good, scientific fun!

The rocket is around 6 floors high, and pretty impressive.

The chocolate is about 8 cubes long and very unimpressive.

If you close your eyes and really concentrate you can imagine that there is a strawberry flavour. It's not that strong even then. There is a sweetness to the chocolate but then the chocolate itself is not that luxurious anyway. The bar doesn't list the manufacturer and isn't even brightly coloured. It's clear that the packaging has had far more thought and attention than the contents.

While a little disappointing (for £2) it's not entirely unexpected. As the money goes into the space centre it's not even that upsetting. Having a nibble on it as we went round is good, but eating the remaining bits while at work and remembering sitting in the capsules and wandering around bits of space station is worth the additional money.

It's certainly no worse than advent calendar chocolate after all!

And besides - I found some far more exciting food in the gift shop...

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But hey, it's so cool to try this!