21 December 2014

Space Food - Cinnamon Apple Wedges [by @NLi10]

In the cafe of the Leicester Space Centre I had some disappointing chocolate (review) but in the gift shop I found some fun things.  I've seen these in Gadget Shops over the years but it's hard to justify the price.  When the profits are going to a lovely museum you can happily buy two bags (one for a future review) and snack away.

Our first one is a bag of cinnamon apple wedges.

As the bag says these are freeze dried and exactly like the astronauts would have (with one probable difference which I'll get to). 

The bag mentions the ice-cream that I got too - but I thought I'd save that.

So here is the apple!

All 8 pieces of it.  That really isn't much apple. Probably less than half an apple - which is a little bit of a let down.  I bet the CSA and it's lesser southern cousin NASA wouldn't dare present the astronauts with such a small portion.  I'd just eat two and claim that they clearly forgot to pack the right amount. I probably wouldn't get to go to space.

The chunks themselves are really satisfying.  The flavour is there and they are lovely and crunchy. I could have eaten a whole bag easily but I shared 4 of the chunks out so that others could try them.  I think that everyone agreed that while they were nice they were terrible value at what probably works out at £10 an apple.  I'm guessing the manufacturing process does cost a lot too but it's not something I'm going to be having again.

But buying things like this does subsidise things like this Soyez capsule that has been to space.

And here is me in a replica of the ISS pretending to have not just eaten a months worth of freeze dried apples in my first day on the space station. Jettison the wrappers and they'll never know!

It does make me wonder how successful the freeze dried ice-cream will be - it's supposed to be cold and wet but dried fruit is quite acceptable.  I'm sure i'll find a reason to open it eventually.  It's not like it's going to go off!

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