24 December 2014

Hardy & Hansons Rocking Rudolph (TEsco) [By @SpectreUK]

I've often wondered why Rudolph has a red nose, it could be from drinking too much ale or playing guitar out in the snow like he is on the front of this Rocking Rudolph bottle, by Hardy & Hansons. Brewed by Greene King, in Bury St. Edmonds and served in a 500ml bottle at 4.2% volume, it should be enough to give anyone a red nose after a few of these ales. Described as a "full bodied, malty and fruity Christmas ale with a refreshing bitter finish", I could hardly wait to pour this ale into my ever ready beer mug. Of course when Cinabar bought me this Christmas Ale it wasn't quite Christmas at the time, so I had to wait until Christmas Eve to drink it. This amber ale definitely had a fruity smell to it and a good creamy head. I'd have to agree with their description. This ale has a heavy malted barley initial taste to it, there was a hoppy fruitiness that followed and a bitter kick at the end which moved into the aftertaste. There was nothing creamy about this hearty ale asides the head. If you like your ale strong and bitter without pulling any punches, then this warming brewer's treat is for you. Well, this pint is mine... So gerroff! Er... And Merry Christmas one and all!
By Spectre

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