26 February 2015

Bahlsen - First Class [@NLi10]

Yum - Bahlsen make some of the nicest euro chocolate on the market - with Choco Leibniz being a personal favourite (dark chocolate of course).  When I spotted these in the supermarket (I can't remember which) I knew they had to be mine.  I took them to work and squirrelled them away for a time when they would be most needed.  That day was this Friday - so here they are!

First class is a confusing little beast as it isn't actually a biscuit - it's a euro wafer snack, but in a box instead of a wrapper.  I've reviewed lots of lovely wafers before - the best ones tend to be from the Polish grocery stores - but never one as posh as these.

You only get twelve in a box and a portion really has to be two of them so that means that you'll get to please 6 people with one box (or one person six times).

Like with other Bahlsen snacks the chocolate tantalisingly overhangs the rest of the snack, meaning it can be eaten in a variety of ways.  The praline is sweet and nutty and hides in the centre between the two main ingredients, but is a full layer unto itself.

The result is as expected - an explosion of flavour and texture that causes you to devour it all and move on to the second without hesitation.  Not cheap enough to have on a daily basis, but not expensive enough to be a one off these will be a nice thing to have as a treat and to brighten up grey Fridays. Truly deserving of the name First Class.

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Anonymous said...

I've had (and enjoyed) the dark version of First Class and they cemented my view that Bahlsen are the best non-British biscuit maker around!