19 February 2015

Ten Acre - Cousin Maisie's Fennel & Lemon Popcorn (Paradice Gelato, Harborne) @NLi10

Many moons ago I mentioned a trip to Paradice Gelato in Harborne where I picked up some snacks while I lunched. Today we talk about this one

Excuse the dark picture - you see I believe that popcorn works best if you share it so I took it to the pub! We cracked it open and peered in...

This is the brand new bag - it's barely half full! Granted there was plenty to go around and I'd have struggled to eat a whole bag to myself but it was a little deflating to see what looked like a tiny portion from the nice big bag. I guess it's so the air of the inflated bag protects the kernels but still - instant sads.

We shared it around the table and then I ate the remainder. Some found it too lemony but I was chasing the bits with all the flavour stuck to them as I quite enjoyed that. The fennel wasn't that strong and balanced it out nicely. Unlike the dreaded Snack A Jacks this wasn't polystyrene sprayed with flavour dust - this is actual popcorn that tastes of actual things.

Despite my first impressions this turned out to be a really lovely snack - more of a starter than a meal though - and I plan on getting more of them. The name seems to hint at being a quote from a film I've not heard of as it is a bit long and confusing. Maybe I should have a Google and see what comes up.

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