11 February 2015

Boy Bawang Cornick Hot Garlic Flavor (Pinoy Foods, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

I do enjoy finding alternative snack foods to crisps and nuts. Sometimes I find something good, sometimes my expectations fall short, and sometimes I'm just plain surprised. I didn't have much of an idea what to expect when I picked up this packet of Boy Bawang Cornick Hot Garlic Flavor in one of my favourite food haunts. On opening the Cornick snack packet I was at first disappointed to see simple fried corn, and it seemed to be that there were millions of them packed tightly in the packet. There was a very strong smell of garlic with chilli in the background. Then I tasted one. It was crunchy with an initial sweet and saltiness that seemed to be quickly pounced upon by a super garlic predator that if it wasn't for the smell it could have had a cloaking device. The chilli flavour came next like the whipping tail of the super garlic predator to finish off its prey. Yum. I just couldn't stop eating them. Perfect for a late night movie on your own with the lights off and this super garlic snack food to ward off vampires (and anyone else for that matter) with their shear garlic goodness. Wow. Don't expect a kiss after these Cornicks unless you were prepared to share!

Information on the packet;
100g packet with serving size of 30g at 150 calories. Produced by KSK Food Products in the Philippines. Ingredients included; fried corn, vegetable oil, garlic, iodised salt, flavour enhancer 621, sugar and chilli powder.
By Spectre

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