20 February 2015

Milka Tassimo ( New Recipe) [@cinabar]

Now when the courier arrived this morning and dropped off my order from Tassimo I didn't think there would be anything blog worthy in the box. This is not to say that I don’t find Tassimo blog worthy, it was just that it was a semi-regular topper up order. I got some Chai Lattes as they aren't available in the shops, Milka hot chocolate for the same reason and a couple of different makes of latte mostly to top the order up enough so that I could use a voucher that was emailed to me to get a free Milka mug. On a side note I am a Milka fan girl, which is why I order this hot chocolate from the Internet.
Clearly then when my new mug arrived I immediately wanted to make a Milka hot chocolate in it. This is when I noticed that the Milka t-disc had a make-over and it was a new recipe. First thing to note most of the hot chocolates in the Tassimo are made using two discs, one milk based and one chocolate based, both of these are usually liquid. Even Suchards one disc variation is still liquid filled. I was suspicious then when the I spotted the Milka Tassimo had been reduced to one t-disc and, when I shook it, I realised it was just powder. Oh my, that didn't bode well.

I popped my new mug under the Tassimo, inserted the t-disc and started it off. Now this is the official Milka Mug from Tassimo and I'm making the official Milka Tassimo hot chocolate in it, so why on earth doesn't the drink fill the mug? Seriously where is the rest of my drink, you couldn't serve someone that in a cafe, it looks dreadful leaving a huge gap at the top of the mug. There is a top-up mode on the Tassimo but I didn't want to have to resort to that when I'm taste testing as all that does it add extra hot water. Surely the Milka Tassimo hot chocolate should naturally be an exact fit for the Milka Tassimo mug? Apparently not.

Issue number two occurred when I went to take out the used t-disc from the machine and I could see powder (still dry in places) and some soggy cocoa slush still within it. I could see it hadn't mixed completely. I did later try a second Milka with the same results.
The flavour was almost acceptable, and that was it. It wasn’t the rich soothing flavour it used to have. It was watery like an instant hot chocolate, unexciting. There was a vague hint of Milka with that nuttiness but ultimately I had just made a dull instant hot chocolate. I have a kettle I can make flavourless instant hot chocolate whenever I want, a lot cheaper too, so I really don't see the point of this. It works out quite expensive for instant hot chocolate, the original Milka was a liquid and mixed really well, but those days are gone. We wouldn’t accept it if they switched my espresso to instant, so why is this okay? I now have a fab Milka mug and absolutely no use for it. Here is hoping they correct the recipe asap because I can't see anyone making a repeat purchase. I want my Milka hot chocolate back. :-(
By Cinabar


Darryl said...
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Unknown said...

I got some milka discs and on the internal packs it has pictures (no words) depicting
1 disc = mini
2 discs = mug
silly thing is both mug sizes in the pic seem to be the same size and it's a pic of your exact mug!
they were on offer at JTF for £2.99

cinabar said...

Darryl - I just spotted that the Cadbury Tassimo I ordered say's "Now more chocolatey" so I assume those are the powder ones then. Not opened it yet (still using the Milka up) but I hope they mix ok, I will try and level the the powder first.

Paul Slim - two discs would have spilt over in my mug, it was about three quarters full. £2.99 is a very good price though, mine were £4 :-(

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Cinabar, I ordered the Tassimo Cadbury pods, expecting the 16 pod pack of 8 chocolate and 8 milk, but received 8 chocolate which contained cocoa and dried skimmed milk, exactly the same as the jar you can buy for a little over a £1 and tastes the same, so needless to say I won't be buying the Tassimo Cadburys chocolate pods again, I will just buy the jar for a quarter of the price.

Esme said...

I have noticed that Tassimo Cadbury pods have now changed from 16 pod pack to 8 pod pack, which is no better than the instant kind you buy in supermarkets quite cheaply, so I will not be buying them anymore as they are expensive and do not taste any different from the instant kind.

cinabar said...

Yes, sadly the Cadbury Tassimo has had the same switch as the Milka and is now just instant hot chocolate too - such a disappointment. At least the Oreo version is still ok.