15 February 2015

Cooking with Cauldron Tofu (@NLi10)

We were contacted by Cauldron foods and asked to show how we use their ingredients in everyday recipes. As we already had some in the fridge I just took pictures the next time I made something. 

Here we have BBQ style tofu with noodles. Yum!

To start with - if you want that take-away tang that spare ribs have on your home cooked food you have to get the right sauce. I've never been disappointed with Lee Kum Kee and I'm sure that some of the restaurants I visit use the industrial size versions of these. A little jar like this goes a long way as two dessert spoons of sauce was enough for this meal. Tofu absorbs flavours in the way that the finest cuts of meat do so you don't need to go overboard.

Thin udon noodles complement this well and I've tried many different varieties. These just happened to be the ones in the cupboard - quick and easy so far.

I just used the extra virgin Jamie Oil we got for Xmas as the BBQ sauce is the main flavour. Using a good oil to crisp the tofu up first really helps the texture.

Typically I'd thrown out the outer packaging and forgotten to take a picture of that but this is the pre cut Cauldron tofu.  You can buy the blocks and cut and marinade your own in the sauce overnight for a deeper flavour.  With the precursor stuff you just open and fry so it's a lot faster. And while you are doing that you can catch up on the ongoing soap like drama that is ICW on your iPad!

Adding the sauce really brings the flavours out and it thins in the heat meaning you really do get a lot of meals for one jar. 

And there we go. 15 mins later we have a meal for two ready for the Kikoman soy sauce and polishing off.  Vegetarian, and with the flavours of the take away, superb.

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