22 February 2015

Valentines Surprise - South African Fruit #SAfruit [by @NLi10]

The day before Valentines day here in the UK a parcel got taken to a delivery depot we'd never had to go to before.  As we were not expecting anything we wondered what it was and went over the following day.  The post office in question was in a lovely little urban village tucked away on the outskirts of Birmingham. The package was for me and looked very swish.

It's red and white theme and card with kisses got us wondering who it was from.  My partner in the car looked very curious...

Turns out it was a box of fruit from South Africa.

I've never really thought before about the various countries we get fruit from - other to be jealous that the things we own have been to many more exciting places than we have.

As the card points out these imported fruits are actually vital to the economies of these developing nations and fruit farming is a big business.

And what large fruits these are!  They were strong enough smelling to attract a curious kitten and had survived the journey well.  I believe the three are nectarines, plums and peaches.

We even got a nice mug!

We refrigerated them and a couple of days later chopped them up and made a very simple fruit salad.

Pretty good stuff!  

I really liked all three flavours, with the plums being my favourite.  My partner disliked the plums saying they tasted like nail varnish so in the above example I got a whole one to myself - result!

I think that these fruits are not something I'd ordinarily consider dropping in the basket.  Bananas   are my usual fare, with the odd Granny Smith apples thrown in to be chopped up and eaten.  I think that I enjoyed this healthy pudding enough to consider buying again.  With a little more variety in it too I can see it becoming a regular treat.  I've no idea whether the local greengrocers actually sell South African fruit so I'll have to pop in and find out.

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