12 February 2015

Oat-Ly Oat Milk, Original and Chocolate [by @NLi10]

Ooh look - a perfectly normal Thai Curry stir-fry dish. I wonder what makes this review worthy?

In this particular instance instead of diluting the insane amounts of red curry paste that I love with coconut milk I used oat milk!  I first heard about Oat Milk through the Journalist/Comedian/Secret Dancer Andrew Collins and always meant to give it a try. Eventually I managed to secure some and then it only took a week or so to pluck up the courage to open it.

Ok - so this probably isn't the most suitable use for this drink (they even do a thicker version that I couldn't get designed for cooking) but as I'd run out of coconut milk and had this open in the fridge it made a good substitute.

I'd opened it a few days before to try as a drink. I shook it enough to make it thicker (the 2nd time...) and it tasted like a mid way between soy milk and dairy milk. The flavour was a bit weak but neither that nor the texture were unappealing. As someone who adores blue top full fat milk this would not sway me from choosing that as a drink so to avoid it sitting in the fridge I decided to try it in other foods.

And it works fine. Sure, it'd be better thicker but it diluted and complemented the curry paste well and didn't cause any problems for those of us eating it. As coconut milk is also vegan this didn't really change the status of the recipie, but it did open up another flavour option.

I had a spot of bother actually finding this product and typically didn't have the vouchers on me when I located it in Sainsbury's. I picked up one of the blue original, and one of the brown chocolate version.

I don't seem to have taken photos of that one though, but as I'm likely to pick more up I can add them at an appropriate time.  Essentially this does change the status of the product - vegan milkshakes are possible. And not only possible - they are quite nice! I think I'd have it with a stronger chocolate taste, but if you gave this to someone without an oat related warning they'd probably not know.  Like the original the texture is closer to water than milk (so more in line with skimmed) but this isn't a problem.

I want to try both the original and chocolate varieties with Weetabix as I think the mixture would be superb.  I also want to make my own milkshakes and hot chocolate to test that out too. I better try it in tea too. Ooh and the ice-cream maker.

Once I've had a proper play with it I'll know whether it's a fad thing that I'll probably not get again, but at the momenti can see choosing the chocolate oat milk over a traditional shake for a nice change.

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