13 February 2015

New Cadbury Layers of Joy Caramellionaire Dessert (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Yay there are new desserts from Cadbury on the shelves! My mum spotted these fine puddings in Waitrose, saw the ‘new’ label and picked them up. Now this being 2015 which is looking like it is going to be called “the year of the caramel take-over”, they are of course caramel flavoured. For the record I consider 2014 as the Caramel Invasion, but this year it is really making its presence known, now it has established itself on our shelves! I do have to confess my inner child did like the made up word name though; Caramellionaire.
Cadbury has a number of desserts out in the “Pots of Joy” range but I think this is the first one I’ve seen in the “Layers of Joy” selection. Effectively the pots are bigger and clear, so you can see those lovely layers within.
When I peeled back the lid the first thing I noticed was the topping of chocolate mousse looked very different to the chocolate mousse pictures on the packaging. On the card it looked very neatly piped, with a smart design, but it looked almost flat in real life. The mousse however did taste lovely and chocolatey, so I shouldn’t really complain. The next layer was fab, it was thick gooey caramel, and it had a rich sweet soothing taste. It reminded me of a traditional butterscotch flavour and was a pleasure to eat. There was a layer of sponge next, it was one of those discs of sponge you so often get in desserts like this, but it was at least a little moist and nicely soft. Finally there was a creamy layer at he bottom, which finished things off nicely.
Yes it is a caramel flavoured dessert, but I did enjoy it. I also can’t wait to see what else cadbury release in this new Layers of Joy range.
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

It's such a shame these are not suitable for vegetarians :(