9 February 2015

Gu - Salted Caramel Melting Middles (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I always keep an eye on the chilled shelves in the supermarket for new Gu puddings, they are my go-to for quick easy luxurious desserts. I spotted these new Gu puddings and immediately picked them up, their new flavour is “salted caramel”. I’ll try not to go into a rant about the concept of new products sporting a caramel flavour or, the very adventurous ones of those being salted caramel… I’ll try not to mention just how “safe” it is for new product development flavour, but understandable as it does go down invariably well. Regular readers will know my love hate relationship with caramel type flavours, tasty but not exactly pushing the limits of flavour combinations.

Anyway there are two puddings in each box and you take them out and simply remove the paper cases they are in. this is a little tricky as the base paper is pretty stuck and needed carefully peeling so as not to take the sponge with it. There was a point where I thought perhaps I was supposed to leave the paper disc it was sitting on as it was so firmly placed, but the box stated to remove the paper, so I did. At this point you can either oven bake them or zap them in a microwave, I opted for the quicker option as we were after an add-break pudding.
After just 20 seconds of zapping the puddings they were nicely warmed through complete with melting middles that had turned gooey. When you cut in with a spoon the caramel centres oozes its way into the bowl. I have to confess I did really like these puddings. The caramel flavour was nice, rich and tasty. The centre was lovely too, and I’m pleased to say the dessert wasn’t over salted. The saltiness was very mild, it enhanced the caramel and wasn’t there just for the sake of it, and I throughly enjoyed it. It reminded me of a sticky toffee sponge, and I’m sure it could hold a dollop of custard on top rather well too. I found myself scraping the bowl at the end to get every last bit of caramel goodness from the bowl. Oh Gu, you do know how to please. There is also a white chocolate Melting Middle dessert new from Gu which I’m very much looking forward to trying.
By Cinabar

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