17 February 2015

Regis Stone Ultra Non-Stick Frying Pan (JML) [By @Cinabar]

Firstly let me start by saying Happy Pancake Day!!!

What better way to enjoy the day than by cracking open a brand new frying pan. This new one is from the Regis Stone range from JML and isn’t just non-stick it is ultra non-stick! It is made from a stone hybrid which also ensures that items are cooked evenly and it heats up quickly. It is non-scratch too, but I think that is something that needs time to judge it.
I have to admit to having seen on TV some infomercials for the new ultra non-stick pans, the Regis Stone one from JML seems to be very impressive so I thought it would be fun to try out our new one on Shrove Tuesday.
We added the batter to the pan in order to make the first pancake, and it did feel odd not adding any extra oil before hand, but that is supposed to be the magic of the pan. After a suitable amount of cooking it came to the flip, which actually means a turn with a spatula, but you get the idea. Impressively the pancake came away easily and both sides cooked really well.

When it finished it really did just slide off the pan and onto the plate, ready to serve. I can see this being a really good healthy way to cook. Knowing there is no requirement for extra fat when frying an egg for example does seem like a very clever concept. For now though I have pancakes, put the health aspects aside and pass me the ice cream. :-)
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

The real test of a pan though is daily use, over the course of a few months. All new pans are stonking, it's whether or not the non-stick lasts is key..

cinabar said...

Yes - I guess the true test is how well it does next year's pancakes.