23 February 2015

Apple, Pea, Lime and Mint Drink (Marks and Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

I fancied drinking a smoothy, with lots of fresh ingredients. As I was in the town centre I thought I’d have a look at the lovely selections of smoothies and juices in Marks and Spencer. As I scanned the shelf this green drink caught my eye, green because it is flavoured with peas. Now as much as I can appreciate fresh veggies and the new trend of adding something savoury to your smoothy (weirdly often beetroot) peas were still a new one on me. They appealed more than beetroot though, which everyone knows just tastes of soil.

The combination of pea and mint felt like it might taste like a soup but I was hoping the apple and lime would balance things out. I poured it into my glass and it is hard to get past the green colour of the drink, it isn’t that appetising to be fair. It is also quite thick. It smelt sharp but I gave it a sip and discovered the taste was quite sharp too. I think it must be a combination from the lime and the sourness of the apple, but it gave the drink quite a bite. Far zingier than expected. It took a bit of getting used to, but it grew on me the more I sipped. The pea flavour is present but it isn’t too strong, and it is the mint that gives these quite a refreshing tang.
Once I had got used to it I realised that each glass is worth two of your five a day so that is an extra bonus too!
By Cinabar

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swatty said...

I tried this drink and liked it but I fund the sludgy bits in it rather off-putting. it's greatly improved by running it through a strainer before drinking. Not sure why M&S didn't discover this during testing. Also, like the others in this range, it benefits from being drunk really cold or else the vegetable elements become too prominent.