5 February 2015

Look What We Found! Red Thai Chicken Curry - Sainsburys [by @NLi10]

This is a favourite range of mine - quality lunches that take a couple of minutes in the microwave and are easily comparable to budget restaurant quality food.

There isn't quite enough going on in these sachets to take them into work, but at home there are few treats more special.

Especially when you have left over takeaway rice!

Sure - it looks a bit messy but trust me it hit the spot! Quick and delicious I kept on working away without long in the kitchen.

This particular one was a Red Thai curry. It wasn't too spicy at all, in fact I probably could have standed it being a touch stronger. The flavour was a little more English than you'd get when out, but for a few mins in the micro and a very long shelf life this is perfectly acceptable.

Adding the rice was great as it brought the size up into big lunch territory, and I may start having these with microwave packet rice in future instead of treating them as very meaty soups.

Another win from a very great range.

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