27 February 2015

New Milkybar Milk & Cookies Sharing Block (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

I'm not a big consumer of white chocolate. I do like the stuff but I find that I eat less of it as it can be a bit rich, even for my sweet tooth. In some respects this is probably a good thing! Spectre is a big fan of white chocolate, but I managed to spot the “New” label on this one before him and steal his thunder. I did share it with him though - honest!
This new variety is flavoured with cookie pieces and is a Milk and Cookies Sharing Block. The Milkybar chocolate had loads of biscuit bits, it was impressively packed with them. Full points to Nestle for introducing a new edition which actually looks really interesting, a nice twist on the after school idea of a glass of milk and cookies. It is a proper new flavour combination, I'm getting a bit tired of the varying “new” caramel products if truth be told.
Back to this bar, the chocolate base is very sweet and creamy, but you have to remember the target market of Milkybar is a younger audience. Nobody tell Spectre. I felt the cookie pieces gave the bar a more mature feel, and made it something that could easily be shared amongst a group of adults. It is chunky too and feels pleasingly substantial. The cookie added a lovely crunch to the chocolate and the darker biscuit flavour was nice and a good contrast with the sweet creamy base. I quite happily munched two strips of this bar and felt content, so I do think the cookie bits changed the flavour enough to stop it being sickly. The pieces are lovely and chunky too. It reminded me how much I used to love white chocolate.
I have to admit I do like the nostalgic feeling the bar brought, it was nice to revisit a brand I haven't tried for a while. I used to loved the Milkybar Kid adverts that used to be on, “The Milkybars are on me!” They aren't though - you’ll have to get your own. ;-)
By Cinabar

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