19 March 2015

American Moon Pie [by @NLi10]

In lots of USA movies and sitcoms they mention all kinds of wondrous American snacks that occasionally I will spot in the UK, try, and be incredibly disappointed by.  Here is one such baffling oddity.

A moon pie is like a double decker Wagon Wheel - biscuity stuff with marsh mallow in the middle - and because it's larger you can convince yourself this is how big Wagon Wheels were in your youth. Unfortunately they forgot the fun. Granted this is probably the original version of the snack - hailing from 1917 as the package says, but seriously it's not exactly food.

Maybe it's the zero trans fats (had we discovered those 100 years ago) that make this taste dull to my English palate, maybe they have just not put much sugar in.

I guess American things tend to use corn syrup, but I found the texture of this to be as baffling as the taste. It's really heavy going and not something that sits lightly. The ingredients blend together to become one texture, and that texture is insulation foam.

The chocolate coating is sparse and patchy in places but as it's cheap American chocolate this may be a blessing in disguise. It didn't really taste of much at all, maybe this particular one was made in the 1900s and stored badly?

Either way, I think I've been spoilt by decades of euro wafers, Wagon Wheels and Tunnock's Tea Cakes as this is another Twinkie like fail by the American snack industry. Soon I'll review one that shows that they can get it right...

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Velvet Tea said...

I've had the opportunity to try the Moon Pie before and I just thought it tasted like a wagon wheel if you replaced the soft biscuit with carpet insulation. Pretty grim.