10 March 2015

New Hula Hoops Puft - Cheese Flavour (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Hula Hoops new product has given those lovely crunchy hoops a bit of a makeover. They are no longer just round they are now round and puffy, hence the new name Puft. This does make me think back to a Biology teacher from school complaining about Aero bars. He was saying it was just a clever way to make you buy air and think you were getting more for less. As it happens I like bubbly chocolate and think it adds to the texture no end, so I never agreed with him, but do we need air in our Hula Hoops? I guess it was time to find out.
First thing to note is the bag feels tiny and very light, and a glance at the calories shows them as being just 71 calories, which if memory serves me correctly is quite a reduction to regular Hula Hoops which are over 100 calories.

I poured out the bag on to plate and was quite impressed by the number of hoops, despite its lightness it did look like a decent portion. Each hoop is still round, but you can see the potato is clearly bubbly and aerated. The texture is very enjoyable to munch on. They feel very light, but the layers make them crunchy and easy to eat. I liked the cheesy flavour too, I thought it would be strong and musty (like Wotsits) but it was milder than that and much more palatable. They had a lovely cheese taste.
Despite the lightness of the bag they felt like a proper portion so the reduced calories just ended up being a bonus. I think they are a good addition to the range and one I’ll be buying again. These new Hula Hoops Puft are sold in multipacks and are also available in Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion. Sadly as yet I haven’t seen a mixed multipack sadly.
By Cinabar

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