17 March 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Ice Cream Jelly Popping Candy (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I have really enjoyed the creativity of the Marvellous range from Cadbury, and when I heard they had expanded into ice cream I was searching the supermarket freezer section to give it a try. Now this ice cream sounds like it is packing quite a lot of ingredients into one tub, and it is filled with lots of fun goodies. It is described as swirled with milk chocolate, having sugar coated jelly pieces, fat coated popping candy and candy coated chocolate pieces. All sounds good, apart from the fat coated popping candy; it doesn't sound sexy but I guess it is to ensure it pops in your mouth not the tub.
I struggled to scoop this ice cream, but I'm starting to think that perhaps after yesterday's struggle I'm just not very strong. Again I felt like I'd taken on a battle, Cinabar versus The Ice Cream and although I eventually won it was a lengthy fight and at one point it looked like it could have gone either way.

Once scooped I could see that there was both a chocolate and vanilla ice cream with all sorts of goodies mixed in. The popping candy was mild and wasn't in every mouthful, it was however in enough to be noticeable and make me smile, the chocolate candies added crunch, and the jellies were like magic adding fun bits of fruity flavour here and there. Now all that's left for me to mention is the milk chocolate, and let me quote the packaging "swirled with milk chocolate". There were some thin layers of chocolate in the ice cream that broke easily when serving and added a lovely chocolate goodness to the flavour. There was also one giant solid chocolate mushroom shaped object in the middle.

Now before you think that this looks like some amazing treat remember that is a large dessert spoon it is sitting on, and as such it was too big to fit in my mouth. I'm sure there is some joke there but let's focus on the problem. The ice cream has also made that epic lump of very thick chocolate very cold and as such very hard. Queue Spectre in the background saying; "have you finished that ice cream yet I want to wash up the bowl" and the time challenge began. I tried repeatedly chipping it with my spoon, I applied pressure but the thing wouldn’t break, I almost chucked it in the bin! It just wouldn't give. I toyed with microwaving it, but that felt a bit extreme, so I went for a hands on approach and bit it, the awkward shape resulted in a chocolate smear on my cheek, but at least I showed it who's boss, even if I did have to wash my face afterwards. My point is that the ugly lump of chocolate was not “swirled” very well, which is a shame as it would have been so much nicer if it had been in thinner crackable sheets. I'm not sure if all of the pots of Marvellous ice cream are like that, I'd hope not as it really didn't work. That aside, the ice cream would have been perfect, fun and playful and full of flavour.
By Cinabar


  1. Oh my! I just assumed I'd got a dud. :-o

  2. I had the same problem with this ice cream, haha. I ended up leaving the chocolate "mushroom" for later when it had warmed up a bit, but it was still difficult to eat! At the very least I suppose it's a unique idea for ice cream.

  3. With the lumpy bit and the fat coated popping candy, I think I'll be sticking to the Ben & Jerry's...

  4. Had fairground flavour. Same in my pot. Ice cream was a bit bland after eaten chocolate mushroom.


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