29 March 2015

KORV - IKEA hotdogs. [by @NLi10]

We picked up some great stuff on our last IKEA trip, including some hotdogs. With the name on the bag I wondered if they were 100% KORV meat, think it's just regular animals really.  I know that they aren't exactly renowned for the quality of the hotdogs but I figured if they could get other meaty things right then these were worth grabbing for the freezer.

One half of a bag of KORV looks like this...

And if you overlook them Slightly this happens! 

Exploder dogs! This actually shows you that there isn't much bad stuff in there - just lots of lovely meaty bits.

The casings were a bit heavy for my liking but the flavour and the texture of the inners was pretty good. I enjoyed them and I think four may have been slightly too many. I have the other half of the bag to eat and I'm quite happy to do that. Not a reason to rush back, but something to pick up if I see them.


Vikx993 said...

Love Swedish hotdogs and their meatballs. Always eat them when we stay in Sweden!

cinabar said...

I always have them when we go to Ikea ;-)