11 March 2015

Milkis (Vanguard Supermarket, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

Produced by Lotte Chilsung this 250ml can with 130 calories doesn't give much more information to an ignorant English speaking person such as myself, as the rest of the can was in Korean. Fortunately I found out through Wikipedia that this part milk part fizzy soda drink was launched in 1989 with Chow Yun-fat in it's commercials stating; "I love you, Milkis!" The drink combines corn syrup, sugar, milk and carbonated water, and comes in different flavours such as orange, banana, melon and strawberry, and is popular in South Korea. I found this original milk flavour in one of my import food haunts, and it was very fizzy and sweet in flavour with a creamy milky taste throughout and moving into the aftertaste. If you see a can of Milkis I'd recommend you give it a try. I would say it's a fairly healthy liquid pudding for anyone with a creamy sweet tooth, or something to give you a sugary boost if you're trying to be healthier whilst working out in the gym.
By Spectre

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