22 March 2015

Smokey's Walsall [by @NLi10]

Last Thursday I headed to meet up with my family for the evening, but due to work and traffic I ended up arriving a lot later than planned. Being an Internet savvy person I jumped on Google and typed in 'Good Food Walsall' to chuckle at the options before heading to Burger King.

Much to my surprise there were a couple of fast food outlets that looked a little more exciting than usual and I chose Smokey's as an option. Cutting round the back of the train station past a lot of abandoned buildings heading back towards town I found the restaurant.  

I popped in and ordered a takeaway burger. When they said it'd be 15 minutes I decided to eat in and relax instead of rushing what sounded quite a nice burger. I grabbed a drink and sat down for a bit.

The burger I ordered was the signature beef burger (minus the cheese) which also has bacon and chips for a very reasonable £7.95. With £2 for a Pepsi this means you can eat for under a tenner which is pretty rare for a sit down quality meal.

Oh yes - it also came with beans! I should have taken a picture of the burger with the roof off - it was more of a hand shaped thing than the pathetic little discs you get at McDonalds and it did indeed have the signature smoked taste to it.  It was also incredibly filling and not something I'd have liked to have rushed.  I think that this is one of the nicest burgers I've had and is easily on par with the Gourmet Burger style chains, and way above pub food. The chips were good too, and the whole experience reminded me of the (now closed) Big Dog in Birmingham.

For those of a frankly staggering appetite they also do challenge meals. Only 4 or 5 people were on the monster burger challenge board when I visited so it must be a pretty hard one. As I struggled with the small burger I think I'll pass.

On a late Thursday evening the place was very quiet but they had to turn away a large group booking for the following day as they were already too busy so hopefully I was just an off peak visitor.

I'd encourage anyone who hasn't googled the restaurants in their own home town to have a go and see what they find. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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