1 March 2015

Belvita Breakfast Tops - Strawberry & Choco-Hazelnuts [@NLi10]

 The business model for "breakfast biscuits" is as follows - the only people interested are those people who like buying new and unusual things.  If we keep releasing more variations then each of those people will buy all the flavours while they are on special offer.  If we can hook 1% of those people to keep buying them then we win.

The latest crazy biscuit idea is this. Put the filling on the top.  Now - cynical people may suggest this is just the sandwich versions of the biscuits without the top half.  Cynical people are probably right, only these are a slightly different shape and the toppings are more dried on and less sticky.

I got both the red and brown flavours.

As usual they aren't as perfect as on the packaging, but by this point that's not too relevant.  These ones taste like jammy breakfast biscuits, the other ones taste like ones with Nutella on them.

They are best eaten upside down (the biscuit, not you) so that the topping hits the tastebuds first.  As a child I quite liked spreading Nutella on biscuits so that version is my favourite.  Otherwise these are just the standard non-crumbly version of the breakfast biscuits - AND you only get three per portion instead of 4 which is mildly disappointing if you've got used to the 4 packs.

Best eaten with a cup of tea at 3pm, but these are still good quality biscuits and worth picking up while on special price offers.

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