5 March 2015

Goodfella's Takeaway Slice n' share Mighty Meat Feast [@NLi10]

Takeaway Pizza is great - you phone a shop (or go online) and in 30 mins you have a nice hot pizza delivery to your door. It's a bit expensive sometimes though, and often the best offers are for going and collecting it yourself.  The frozen pizza companies want a slice of this action and have been upping their game to give you a cheaper but similar alternative.

Here we have Goodfella's Takeaway Slice n' share Mighty Meat feast. It certainly has a long enough name to be a delivery pizza name! And you get a sauce in the box.  I never use the sour cream or garlic butter ones as they taste odd, but sweet chilli I can get behind.

As usual, it doesn't really look much like the picture - but then it's not cooked yet.  They said to microwave the sauce - I popped it on the heat vents.

Thoroughly defrosted using waste heat from the cooker without melting the pot - result!

And it turns out the pizza is not too dissimilar from the box too.  The meat bits are a lot more luxury than a normal frozen pizza, with the light coloured sausage being a particular highlight.  Lots of textures here - but a lack of leafy veg or tomato looses it a few points.  It just doesn't feel that healthy!

It does however hit the spot - it's a really filling meal for one and with a side would easily serve two.  The base is fluffy and not too thick so does emulate a freshly spun takeaway pizza quite well.  Easily nicer than the 'late night pizza' style places but just a step below Dominos and Papa Johns - and a bit further away from the kings of the highstreet Pizza Express.  I'd certainly have this again, and will try to hunt out other similar things to save money and the trip to the takeaway place.  

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