31 March 2015

Maryland Soft Bakes - Caramel and Choc Chunk Cookies (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I love what we described in the UK as American style cookies. By that I mean ones that are soft in the middle and slightly doughy. Most biscuits sold in the UK are hard all the way through and give me a tendency to dunk them to soften them!
This new product from Maryland made perfect sense to me when I heard about it. They are called Soft Bakes so I made the assumption they were baked but left a little soft, hence the name. I was wrong as it turned out. I opened up the box and had that usual disappointment of how few biscuits there were compared to the pack size, and the large black tray they were sat in.

I broke one of these biscuits in half, and found the texture to be very different from what I was expecting. It was spongey, maybe not a soft fluffy sponge, but certainly more spongey than cookie dough. It felt very aerated, and like a heavy cake. I think it had the addition of some kind of cake raising agent rather than being baked soft, which is a heck of a shame. Let's think of them as biscuits for people who rally fancied something cake like?
I couldn't knock the flavour though. There was plenty of chocolate chips packed in, and the caramel was soft and flavoursome. The biscuits did have a lovely flavour and accompanied a coffee perfectly, even if I didn’t risk dunking them! They were too delicate for that. Tasty enough, just not what I’d hoped for when I heard about them.
By Cinabar

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