28 March 2015

Caramel Egg Sandwich (@HotelChocolat) [By @SpectreUK]

When Cinabar asked me if I wanted a Caramel Egg Sandwich I thought she meant an egg sandwich with some caramel spread of some kind. Then I realised that I'd never had an actual egg sandwich. I'd always been put off as a child when another kid at lunchtime opened their lunchbox to a smell akin to the whiffs my cousin's dogs used to make in their sleep after a good run and something gravy and meaty in their bowl. Ah yes, that's why I've never had an egg sandwich. So I initially said "no". Cinabar convinced me by saying that it wasn't really an egg sandwich, but a caramel flavoured chocolate egg sandwich by Hotel Chocolat. My mind made up for me pretty instantly, especially before Cinabar changed her mind upon parting with it, I asked to see the eggy chocolatey sandwich. I was pretty taken aback. Rarely do I see a snack that I think is quite beautiful. It seemed a shame to open the rather smart sandwich box shaped container to get at the lovely eggy chocolate sandwich inside, but heck this is a blog and someone's got to do it!

I would recommend you open the packet quite carefully over a table, as it could be tricky if you don't slip one piece of Caramel Egg Sandwich out at a time and put the other one back in the box to keep it safe. I ate around the egg first munching on the caramel crisp chocolate 'bread'. The crunchy milk chocolate with caramel crisp like crystals made for a sweet and chocolatey treat, which was both very tasty and moreish. Lip smackingly so in fact. The milk chocolate half egg that had been stuck to the caramel chocolate bread was hollow and I couldn't help almost childishly trying to pick off all the caramel chocolate bread first before diving on the half egg. This was a bit of a messy process as the chocolate started to melt in my fingers, but I couldn't help smiling whilst I ate. I realised that if the egg was solid chocolate it would have been difficult to eat with my old nashers, and if the egg had been filled with some gooey caramel then I would have quickly ended up wearing most of it! I was eating chunks of both chocolate bread and egg, which made for not only a luxurious tasty treat but a joyful adventure of trying not to lose any chocolate on the floor or on my clothes. I popped the last bit of Caramel Egg Sandwich into my mouth and bathed in its tastiness before licking my fingers. If you want to try something quirky and fun to eat, but at the same time a new taste sensational luxury, then this is for you. Definitely in my book the new fun egg for Easter!
By Spectre

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