2 March 2015

Oats and Nutella Cookie (Starbucks) [By @Cinabar]

My love for chocolate and nuts shouldn’t be a surprise by now, so it goes hand in hand with a bit of a love for Nutella. When I heard that Starbucks had a new Nutella cookie out I was really keen to give it a try. I ordered it at my local branch and when it arrived I was a little confused by the fact the cookie didn’t look that chocolatey. I was expecting a dark brown biscuit at least. I needn’t have worried through because once I had broken it in half I realised that the large bulge in the centre was covering a big generous dollop of Nutella. The cookie is soft and tore easily, American style.

I started on the edge piece of the cookie and found it had a fab golden oat taste. It tasted sweet and syrupy but the oats gave it a wholesome flavour, reminiscent of a porridge. I actually ended up eating all around the edges of the biscuit to start, just leaving the middle and filling to the end. The minute I bit into the centre though my taste buds were flooded with the rush of chocolate and hazelnut from the Nutella, heaven. I’ve never combined biscuit and Nutella, although I know NLi10 has, but for me this was a complete first. There was a very generous amount in there, and I needed my latte to help balance out the favours. I had left all the middle to the end so I ended up with a few straight mouthfuls of Nutella and biscuit, in retrospect a more balanced approach may have worked better, but the child in me couldn’t resist.
This is definitely my new favourite cookie at Starbucks, it is absolutely delicious and tastes as good as licking out one of those Nutella portion containers you get in hotels, only without the social embarrassment. :-)
By Cinabar

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