13 March 2015

New Rowse Honey With A Hint of Cinnamon (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

I'm probably not supposed to buy commercial honey, my dad being a bee keeper. My love of cinnamon kicked when I saw this and I made the rare decision to buy a tub of honey. Nobody tell my dad.
Flavoured honey is a bit of a curious idea, but this new edition from Rowse is all natural, which is good at least. There were no visible specks of cinnamon within the honey, it just looked clear. I think it is aimed at the breakfast market, so I thought I'd test it on a toasted waffle, albeit as an after dinner treat, not first thing in the morning. I popped the waffle in the toaster, and thirty-seconds later I was squeezing the runny honey all over it. I liked the squeezey bottle it made topping my waffle convenient and mess free, with no drips or sticky spoons to worry about. I could smell a hint of cinnamon as the honey hit the waffle, just lightly.
The waffle and honey worked nicely together and the hint of cinnamon adding a mild warmth to the flavour. The cinnamon was very gentle and subtle, but the spice worked nicely with the sweet flavour. I love spreading honey on toast then adding grated cinnamon on top so it stands to reason that I’d prefer to have a bigger hit of flavour than this, but cinnamon is by far my favourite spice. I did like this honey but I would have like the cinnamon to be stronger, but as an easy going breakfast flavour I guess it would be spot on for most.
Rowse also make a Honey with a Hint of Raspberry, it was out of stock when I did my online order, but I will pick that up next, as that also sounds like a nice edition. I have to admit I do wish I'd discovered these honeys before pancake day, they would have ben perfect for that. Oh well it is an excuse to buy more waffles, all for research purposes you know. ;-)
By Cinabar

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