23 March 2015

Walkers Mix Ups Cheese and Worcestershire Sauce [By @Cinabar]

Walkers have a new range of crisps out all called Mix Ups, the idea being that they have combined in one bag two different varieties of their other products. Some of the mixes are a bit more obvious to spot, in that the crisps have distinct shapes like Monster Munch and Doritos, all mixed together. This particular variety combines two very similar looking flavours or regular crisps, cheese and Worcestershire sauce. When I poured them out on the plate I could sort of tell which flavour was which from the depth of the seasoning on them, but they did pretty much look the same.

As fan of cheese on toast with a hefty splash of Worcestershire Sauce this sounded like a very sensible and interesting flavour combination to me. Did you know the flavour of Worcestershire Sauce is made from, amongst other ingredients, anchovies and vinegar. Fascinating fact.
anyway these crisps were had with lunch as a side, and shared out. The darker more orangey crisps tasted of Worcestershire Sauce, and had that slightly acidic but somehow meaty flavour which was very tasty. The cheese crisps seemed mild, but a pleasant not too strong cheese that went well with the Worcestershire Sauce. I liked the idea of the mix of flavours, it made the crisps interesting to eat and would be fun for sharing a bowl in a bowl too. Having one of each was nice and I tried not to deliberately pick a certain flavour, and just enjoyed the mix.
I think this is an idea that works and I'm keen on trying some of the ones with a mix of shaped crisps too. Plus they’ve also started doing a sweet and salty Mix Ups popcorn too, that I can’t wait to try! Many thanks to Walkers for sending these over for us to try.
By Cinabar

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