24 April 2015

Wagyu Beef Burgers (Aldi) [By @cinabar]

I am a fan of Aldi and their special buys they get from time to time. I check the emails from them and when I saw that they would be stocking Wagyu Burgers I made a special visit to Aldi to pick some up.
Wagyu is a breed of cattle that is famed for the quality of its meat. It isn't a breed found that commonly due to its high maintenance costs, but it is very popular in countries like Japan where it is seen as an ultimate luxury item. It is also 100% grass fed. Some steak dinners sell in Tokyo for upwards of £50 for Wagyu beef! These Aldi Wagyu beef burgers were in a twin pack for £2.99, so a bit more down to earth and back in my budget!

The burgers are large too, they are quite thick and not a skinny portion at all. We had them with a white bun, salad and cheese and the essential splodge of ketchup. So did these burgers live up to the hype? Oh my yes. There was a fab meaty flavour, and it was one of the nicest burgers I've eaten. The taste was full on and it was an absolute pleasure to eat. The texture too was firm but givish and the burger was super juicy. It was seasoned nicely, but with a hefty shake of both salt and pepper, the burger could take it though and it added to the complexities of the flavour. It was very filling, as it was such a hefty burger but by the end we were licking our lips having thoroughly enjoyed them.
If you are a fan of beef burgers I'd recommend checking these out for a special treat, but bear in mind they are only there for a limited time only. I'm hoping to pick up another pack or two before they disappear.
By Cinabar


Katie said...

Not to be that guy (but to totally be that guy) you might want to change some of those breads into breeds.

That being said I can see a special trip to Aldi in my future

cinabar said...

No worries - sorted - thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have the ingredient list?

cinabar said...

It says 100% Grass Fed Wagyu Beef - BUT this was from a review from 2015. Always check current labels.