5 July 2015

Clarke Indulgent Desert Pots (Orange or Caramel) [by @NLi10]

Alongside the low GI sauces and sweeteners in our parcel we got these little desert pots. Notable because they are both low GI, and storable at room temperature.

We had one each and I chose the orange one. When I received them I thought that they were a little small, but they are mighty in flavour and quite filling.

I found the texture satisfyingly gloopy, but wasn't so keen on the taste. I found it to be a bit sweet and while I could taste the Orange and chocolate these were not the headlines I'd expected. By the end I really needed a drink - almost as if it were salty.

The salted caramel was actually quite nice too, but I only had a small taste of that and was assured it was similarly strong.

If I had more I'd have tried them with ice-cream as a mixed up desert but solo I wasn't a fan.

A nice idea but a little too potent even for me.

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