7 July 2015

McVities Breakfast Oaty Breaks (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I don't eat a proper breakfast as such before I go to work, don't lecture me I know the importance of a good start to the day, it is just that I never seem to have the time. I do however try to have some sustenance, and my usual choice is a quick cereal bar. I have tried lots of different ones and breakfast biscuits too. When I saw the latest new biscuits from Mcvities, I found myself popping these cinnamon and raisins ones into the basket. I generally favour chocolate, but my favourite spice is cinnamon so I couldn't resist.
The biscuits inside the box are packaged in clear plastic, which is a little lack lustre but it does the job. There is one breakfast biscuit in the wrapper, but it is easily breakable down the middle to produce to sticks. I ate both in one sitting with my morning coffee, I'm not sure anyone would want just one stick as their full portion?
The texture was firm and crunchy but not too hard, almost airy, with the raisins adding a soft slight stickiness to the biscuit. The flavour was spot on, with its porridge oats flavour, and a heavier than expected taste of sweet cinnamon I was in heaven. The raisins added extra sweetness, and the whole biscuit tasted really good. I like the oat flavour, these reminded me of a healthier version on the oat cookies you get in Subway. Not as indulgent though, obviosuly! :-D
They do make a chocolate version of these Breakfast Oaty Breaks, which I will pick up next time.
By Cinabar

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