26 July 2015

Jarritos - Tamarind Flavour (by @NLi10)

While in San Sebastian, Spain we found a little Vegan take-away place (via leaflets in our hotel) that did all kinds of delights.  They also had a wide range of Mexican soft drinks that I'd not seen before.  While it contained one of my favourite flavours (mandarin) there was one I'd not seen before - tamarind.  Keen foodies will know that this odd little veggie is one of the reasons that Thai food is so tangy, and as it was such a rare sight I had to go for that.

Garrottes seems to be a Mexican brand and is proud that it's 100% sugar which is culturally up-side-down to the UK where drinks are proud to have no added sugar, or be all sweetener.  My guess is this is to avoid corn-syrups and poor quality artificial substitutes.

The bottle looks good, and it goes well with the little out-door shelf that we ate on.

It's even old-shool enough that you get a refund for the bottle if you take it back to Mexico.  With no caffeine and no brominated vegetable oil (what even is this!!) we are in for a treat.

The flavour is sweeter than I expected, but still has a kind of angular taste that isn't like a UK soft-drink which I thought the tamarind may bring.  There is a hint of sourness and a tangy flavour, which is quite refreshing, and its not unlike the less fizzy end of the pop aisle. Like I guess a tamarind version of Tango Apple I guess, but this was quite nice and easy to finish.

I think for reference I should have picked up a few to go too (other flavours naturally) but I'm sure I'll be back in latin territories soon enough to try more of these.

I did mean to take a picture of the Burrito I had, but as a parade with two of these dancing and twirling went past as I was eating I got a little distracted and didn't remember to!

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