11 July 2015

Rekorderlig Premium Mango-Raspberry Cider (Sainsbury’s) [By @SpectreUK]

I was taking bets in my head at what colour this cider would be when I powered it from the bottle to my beer glass. I’ve had a few Rekorderlig ciders in the past and haven’t been disappointed. This Premium Mango-Raspberry Cider though struck me as an oddity. When mango is added to soft drinks it’s usually with orange or mandarin, rather than raspberry, so I was intrigued when I picked up the bottle in the local supermarket. This pear cider was produced by Abro Bryggeri’s in Sweden using Swedish spring water and brewed with mango and raspberries. I lost the bet in my head as I poured the pinkish red cider into my glass, but what other colour could it be? I thought it might have been either clear or a mango colour, but of course raspberry red is a dominant colour if ever there was one, but I can’t help betting on the underdog. That’s probably why I was routing for Gabbie whilst watching the Wimbledon Women's final. Congratulations to Serena though with four Grand Slams in a row and the very best of luck for the American Open. However, I digress… the cider itself had a feisty mixture of mango and raspberry in the odour with pear trying to poke through the respective fruits. The cider was carbonated and the fizz added to the battle of the fruits in the flavour. Again the raspberry was the winner here, with mango coming a fairly close second and the pear the runner up. The 4% volume alcoholic strength was definitely apparent in the flavour making certain that this fruity cider was not for the kids. This is a grown up’s cider and a very refreshing drink it is. Perfect for a hot sunny day whilst watching sports such as tennis or reading a good book in the back garden.
By Spectre

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