17 July 2015

Walkers Sensations Crispy Thins - Thai Sweet Chilli. (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

The Sensations range seems to have been very popular for Walkers and they are expanding it by introducing these new baked snacks; Crispy Thins made with a mix of wheat and potato. They have been launched in three new flavours Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle, Caramelised Onion and Balsamic Vinegar and the variety we are taste testing today Thai Sweet Chilli.

The bag is a bit of an awkward size to share, although it is 100g there isn't enough to share around a group of people like you would expect from a big grab bag, but there are too many for one person. The bag says serves 3 - 4 people, but a quarter of the bag would be a very light portion. We poured them out anyway. A lot of the baked crackers were broken into bits, but a fair few remained square. They are quite fragile, and do break easily in the mouth. I liked the texture, they were surprisingly similar to crisps but did feel a bit more substantial.
The flavour was very good. The Thai Sweet Chilli Crispy Thins had a very full on taste. There was a sweetness to them, and some lovely seasoning, which was very Thai in its feel. As you munched the chilli kind of sneaks up on you and before you realise it your mouth is getting a nice warm tingle and buzz. They are hotter than expected, and did remind of that lovely sticky red sauce you sometimes get with Thai fish cakes. I'm really looking forward to trying the other varieties, and I can see these being a popular addition to the Walkers range.
By Cinabar

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