28 July 2015

The Licktators - Cinnamon Doughnut Ice Cream (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Recently I tried the Marshmallow flavour of the new ice-cream range from The Licktators, as I was interested to try out a new brand. I wasn’t actually much of a fan of the marshmallow flavour, they had made it taste “toasted” and it came across as a bit burnt. I thought that perhaps that was just a misunderstanding about the nature of the flavour and that I would like to give the brand another try. Browsing on the Ocado website I spotted that one of the other flavours was Cinnamon Doughnut, as cinnamon is a favourite spice of mine I knew which flavour I was going for next.
When it arrived it was in a similarly funky tub, it suggested leaving out of the freezer for five minutes before serving. I did this and it was fairly easy to scoop. I could see the ice cram was swirled with cinnamon but it was mostly lightly coloured.

There were nice spongey bits of doughnut mixed in too, they added a nice change of texture, but weren’t quite as plentiful as I had hoped. Flavour wise the ice cream was nice, I quite liked it. The taste was varied, in that it depended on how much sauce you got on each spoon. Sometimes it would be sweet from the ice cream, other times slightly tart. This strange tartness was what lingered a little, and I could quite put my finger on what had been added to give it this. To me the flavour should have been warm, spicy and reminiscent of those sugary topped cinnamon doughnuts and it didn't seem to quite match up to me.
The trouble is although I liked the ice cream I should have loved it. Cinnamon is my thing, and yet this rated merely in the nice pot, not the wow section. Perhaps if I had had it as an accompaniment rather than the centre piece I would have been more forgiving. I tried it straight, in a bowl on its own. Maybe it is better suited to being a melting scoop on hot apple pie?
By Cinabar

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