27 July 2015

Cosford Food Festival 2015 - My Haul #cosfordfoodfestival [By @Cinabar]

I’ve found as I’ve been blogging about food that London is the place to be. Unfortunately we are based in the Midlands and so rarely get to go to many of the events or product launches going on in the city. When I noticed that there was food festival happening just down the road to us, I knew we had to investigate. Although I missed it last year, this year it stated that there were over 70 stalls, with live music and demonstrations. The setting is at RAF Cosford Museum which is free and holds an impressive number of exhibits ranging from aeroplanes to a Cold War display.
Tickets for the Food Festival within the grounds were £5 per adult, which isn’t too bad given the selection. It was via a wrist band so you could dip in and out all day, if you wanted to break it up look at the planes. We went on the Saturday which was pleasantly dry, and in retrospect the better choice that the Sunday which turned out to be quite wet. I’m sure they kept their spirits up with all the lovely food on offer.
We had a good wander about and bought some fab artisan food products.
My purchases:

A fab soft and moist Olive Bread from Swifts Bakery

A slice of Pistachio Nougat from Toot Sweets Chocolates

Gourmet Sausage Rolls in Barbecue and Piri Piri from Coopers Sausage Rolls

Ginger Spice Cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company

Black pudding Scotch Eggs from Apley Farmshop

And a huge tub of olives and bag of Turkish Delight from a company whose name I didn’t catch :-(

Spectre’s purchases seemed altogether more liquidy…

He was very pleased with his stash and meeting all the different store holders.

Cosford Food Festival had an excellent mix of stands, with everything for the beer lover through to those with an adventure for something a bit different. We are all really looking forward to going again next year, as it was a day out in foodie heaven.
By Cinabar

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